this class is called capstone 401 at West Coast University.-Capstone projects ar
this class is called capstone 401 at West Coast University.-Capstone projects are generally designed to encourage students to think critically, solve challenging problemsThe culminating argument paper is a restructuring of the first two papers with the addition of an abstract, introduction, and conclusion.This paper should include a newly composed introductory section and a new final conclusion section that presents your discussion of (and argument for) the solution. Your argument, or rationale, for the solution that you propose is the focus of this paper. Your paper must:Be 15–20 pages in lengthTitle page (1 page) Introduction (1–2 pages) Reworked informative papers (10–15 pages) Conclusion (1–2 pages) References (1–2 pages) Reference 12–15 scholarly, peer-reviewed resources (compiled by combining all of the references from your Perspective of Inquiry papers and any additional resources you use in this final paper.) Follow all APA Style guidelines. Refer to the rubric for evaluation details and to assist in preparing the the paper will be basically a combination of the bottom two assignments (please revise them according to the rubric I attached for each assignment). In addition to the introduction, and conclusion. So, my whole paper is about the effects of poor oral hygiene on impacts on the human body. Make sure that everything in the research paper combines smoothly.I also attached her comments on the assignment from the scientific and Mathematical/Analytical Perspectives of Inquiry Paper, I tried attaching the other one but I have reached my limits.Make sure that all of the sources are credible, you can use the ones I have on there.Follow apa formatingThank you so much.Please includeOne in-text citation for every body paragraphNo plagiarism & No Course Hero & No CheggPlease be sure to use sources that are scholarly sources published within the last five years, so between 2017-2021Please be sure to include an introduction with a clear thesis statement and conclusion

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