This assignment is NOT an essay, this is an investigative report. I’ll upload a
This assignment is NOT an essay, this is an investigative report. I'll upload a student sample paper in the files so please follow that. You need to complete an investigative report that focuses on your topic (MY TOPIC IS MENTAL HEALTH IN REMOTE LEARNING SO FIND SOURCES RELATED TO THAT) on a national level (FIND SOURCES THAT WERE WRITTEN FOR THE U.S). You are going to show the following in your report: Background information that sets the current scene about your topic in the U.S. - You may offer some history and then move your audience into current trends about your topic. Remember, your audience is on a college level. However, you may need to define certain terms (not common ones), explain jargon related to the topic, etc. Up-to-date facts and varying opinions that show you have completed an in-depth study about your topic on the national level. - Keep in mind that this is not an argument; you are not taking a stand on a certain side of your topic. You are offering a variety of opinions and facts that show you completed an in-depth study, not a "surface" skim, of the topic. You understand your college-level audience and write to them in an objective, high style using clear, concise language - Again, this is an objective, formal report on the topic (not a personal, informal argument). You want to show that you have progressed in your writing from the first and second assignments. You understand how to properly create a full citation and in-text citation using APA guidelines. *To complete the assignment: Write a four-page investigative report on your topic on the national level (this does not include your References page) Use APA citation Incorporate and properly cite at least 5 sources THE SAMPLE PAPER IS IN THE FILES. PLEASE MODEL THE PAPER AFTER IT!

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