Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 1. Leadership S
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 1. Leadership Strategies: Evaluation – Using the case study, describe the overall leadership strategies employed. Specifically address the following: a. Flexibility – To what extent does the leadership strategy of the company within the case study reflect flexibility? What evidence is given for the basis of your reasoning? b. Sustainability – Does the leadership strategy promote sustainability? Why? c. Change management – Does the leadership strategy foster effective change management? Why or why not? d. Organizational goals – Does the leadership strategy further organizational goals? Give examples. 2. Leadership Strategies: Selection – Within the case, what are the leadership problems? Select appropriate leadership styles, approaches, and strategies for solving the problem(s) based on the following: a. Appropriateness – Which leadership strategies are appropriate for use in solving the problems identified within the case study? Discuss their appropriateness in terms of style, approach, and strategy. b. Innovation – Are the leadership strategies innovative? Why or why not? 3. Assessment Plan – Develop an assessment plan based on leadership strategies that have previously been employed and any recommended changes to be employed. This assessment plan should include the following: a. Effectiveness – Assess the effectiveness of the current leadership strategies based on the following: i. Employee research ii. Performance metric data b. Recommendations – Propose an assessment plan that incorporates employee feedback and performance metrics data, addresses the data to be collected, discusses how to ensure validity and reliability, and incorporates interpretation and future actions. Requirements of submission: The final presentation must include a minimum of 14 slides but no more than 24 slides, including opening and closing slides (one slide should be included as an introduction and one slide should be included as a closing slide). Any resources used to support the presentation must be properly cited in APA format. There is no requirement on the number of resources.

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