Should Health Care Costs Be Contained?Please read over Chapter 12’s section on “
Should Health Care Costs Be Contained?Please read over Chapter 12's section on "Should Health Care Costs Be Contained? "Unlike many other good and services in the economy, health care is not delivered under free market conditions" "In the US, the private sector and government share roughly equally in the financing of health care". Healthcare spending is approximately 17% of the US GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The US spends upwards to $10,000 per capita (person) on healthcare each year, much more than other countries.Select one of the main reasons the author has shared for why healthcare expenditures should be controlled (p 495). Please find an article and cite its url that covers this reason or shares how expenditures are being reduced in this area.Please summarize why you have selected this reason as one reason why health care expenditures need control and summarize the article you have picked on this topic in ten or more sentences.Please read and reply to another student's post on a DIFFERENT reason with a comment of six sentences or greater. (if all students are selecting same reason, I will add an article/reason for comment)

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