Please see attached approved research paper proposal for the sources and informa
Please see attached approved research paper proposal for the sources and information to be used. I have already got the sources and the thesis, points researched. Analyze governance through a media lens In this course we learned that mainstream media interests are concentrated. New media, however, means that anyone can circulate news. Like leadership, control over the media has changed, with the traditional command and control being replaced by a flatter “everyone can be a broadcaster” model. If you choose to focus on media, you might try to answer the following questions in your analysis: What impact have new forms of media had on those who aspire to leadership positions? What impact has new media had on structures of governance? Grading: The best essays are clearly and effectively written, well-organized, persuasive, and display a high level of knowledge and originality. Ensure that your research paper meets the following criteria: Argument and logic: Did you present your thesis in a logical and persuasive manner? Research and use of evidence: Have you made extensive and effective use of available research sources? Are your sources of high academic quality? Do not rely exclusively on internet sources, the textbook, or other material provided in the course. These can be used, but only to supplement outside sources such as books and journal articles that can be found in the AU Library. Have you used an acceptable source citation and bibliographic style? Communication: Is the essay well organized and written as clearly and concisely as possible?

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