Plastic reduction: There is a power point slide posted. You can go through it an
Plastic reduction: There is a power point slide posted. You can go through it and think about a party like Steve’s birthday party described there. As an environmentally conscious students how can you conduct a party with minimum plastic use. Even if you use some, how can you further process it in terms of the different R s in place to reduce and conserve our resources and environment. 1. Plastic reduction assignment: Discuss the reasons for producing so much waste from a simple party like little Steve’s birthday party. Discuss the ways by which you could reduce the amount of waste production in such a situation. Think in terms of different Rs. Write at least 8 suggestions to reduce plastic waste from a party. (250 words ) Tree identification This is a lab where we go around campus and identify at least 10 different trees using a dichotomous key. It is posted for you to use. It is not very properly done. I have also posted a link to a website with a simple tree identification process described. I took many pictures of trees from around my locality, but I don’t think with the limited resources provided you will not be able to identify them. For this lab, read the power point slides, look at the scanned dichotomous tree id booklet and the resource provided by the Michigan State University Extension and try to identify at least 5 trees around your residence. I have a table added for you to use. 2. Assignment for Tree id : Write a short account (150 words) about a dichotomous key and how it is used . List down the names of 5 trees you identified and say how you identified them Tree ID 101 - YouTube :

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