Overview In the second assignment the problem identified in the first assignment
Overview In the second assignment the problem identified in the first assignment, or perhaps another problem (depending on suitability) needs to be tackled and resolved. A 5-minute video outlining why and how the solution will work is then presented for evaluation. The format for the video is entirely up to you but we would recommend using PowerPoint to help structure the presentation. A significant portion of the marks for this assignment are not based on the elegancy and appropriateness of the solution, but rather on how well a deeply technical idea is distilled into something digestible and appropriate for an audience with no technical background. To be clear, it should be solution focused and it should consist of some kind of framework that can be developed further. The format consists of a video presentation as per the instructions in the folder below. Refrain from waffling on with details unnecessarily, but rather take a strategic view of how the framework will solve the problem identified in assignment one, or a new more suitable problem. Marks will be given to the clarity of the framework and its ability to explain what to do and why it will work, not how it will work. Although this assignment seems relatively straightforward the challenge will be taking a complex technical idea, such as a data solution to real-world problem, and presenting it in a clear, easily understandable manner. The purpose of this assignment is to develop a proposal for a data analysis initiative in an organisation. The project will be an opportunity to consider the most recent academic and industry literature on data analysis in a selected discipline. Discipline selection is dependent on the student’s knowledge of their proposed field This is an individual assignment Problem in the first assignemnt is attached. Audience Your report should be targeted at the Board of Directors or Executive Management group and be formatted as a video presentation The content of the video must be 'strategic' including tables and graphs, must be appropriate for a Senior Management audience. Assessment Flyover
Format Examples
You must submit a video file - not a PowerPoint with narration. Just do teh narraiton over video and then send me two versions. One version with the narration and one without.

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