Outline attached. This Final Research Project requires you to (1) find a topic o
Outline attached. This Final Research Project requires you to (1) find a topic of interest or issue of concern; Nonverbal Communication in a virtual world (2) review academic communication research on your topic/issue; (3) develop a research question; (4) identify the best method to study your topic/issue and question(s); (5) and state how you will conduct your research; (6) combine all steps into one paper. This project is a proposal for research. You will not actually carry out the study. The research project consists of 6 elements or components of the research process. The final research paper will be 12-15 pages and should include your purpose (introduction), literature review, research questions, a methods section, and a conclusion. Research Project Elements/Components: Topic of interest: Brainstorm ideas and find a topic (related to communication) that you are passionate about. Explain why this topic is important for you and should be of interests to others. Situate yourself in the research. Reference List – you will select a topic of interest and review research by communication scholars. You must develop a reference list of the research you will discuss in your literature review. Your reference list must include at least 10 peer reviewed communication journal articles or books. (Attached are some journals for use) Introduction: Briefly introduce your topic. State your thesis. Preview the main points/ideas you will discuss. Let me know what I can expect to read and the order in which your discussion will proceed. · Body: Identify key points of interest that support your thesis/argument. ·Conclusion: Restate thesis and key concepts you will discuss in your review. Final Paper Elements: Introduction: Introduce your topic, state your thesis, and answer the “so what?” question – why does this topic need to be studied? (1-2 paragraphs) Literature Review – Use your outline to write your literature review. A formal literature review involves examining peer reviewed academic research (scholarly journal articles and/or book chapters) on a topic of interest. A literature review is not just a summary of everything you read. It is a critical analysis of the available literature in a given area of study and/or topic. A literature review addresses a research objective or problem by asking questions of the work at hand. What is the author studying? What is the context of the study? What is the author’s key argument? What new concepts, theoretical approaches, and/or ways of studying the issue does this study provide? How is this research different or similar to other projects in the discipline? What assumptions is the author making? How can you contribute to the existing research? (4-5 pages) Theory – Identifying a theory, the major tenets of the theory, and why it is the best analytical lens to study/answer your RQ. (3-4 paragraphs) Research Questions/Hypotheses – (1 paragraph) Method and Procedures –address the following criteria for this section and use the headings below in your paper. (2-4 pages) Participants: Describe the participants you will recruit, how many participants will be recruited, and how you will recruit them Procedures: Specify your method and explain why this is the best approach for your project. Data Analysis: Describe the methods you will employ to answer your hypotheses/research questions. Explain how the data will be analyzed and assessed. Possible Limitations of your method choices Conclusion – (2-3 paragraphs) Final References page

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