Observation 1 – Social/Emotional Development. In this video you will examine st
Observation 1 - Social/Emotional Development. In this video you will examine strategies these teachers use to help young children develop social/emotional skills. you will observe different techniques used in 3 classrooms to help children identify and develop strategies to cope socially and appropriately. For this first observation, you will not yet concern yourself with the educational technicalities of a program. You will instead appraise the more intangible human matters of feelings, behaviors, values, and relationships. The purpose is to identify and examine the real life messages the children are being given, individually and collectively, about themselves and others, about feelings and values, rights and responsibilities, roles and relationships, and individuality and diversity. You will examine the social and emotional issues apparent in the classroom. The relationships between teacher and child, between the children, and between the teachers will be explored, as will the communication, discipline, rules and values in the classroom. Focusing on the interactions and conversations between staff and children is primary. Describe in detail: how the teachers shows interest in her students as people as well as learners. (minimum of 3 examples) how the classroom staff interact with each other, sharing responsibilities, etc. (minimum 3 examples) how the children are spoken to, praised, corrected. (minimum 3 examples) how the children interact and speak with each other. (minimum 3 examples) how the room arrangement and displays reflect the teachers’ respect for the children’s needs and interests. (minimum 3 examples) Some questions to consider? Is there a feeling of family or community? Is there caring, fun, encouragement, excitement, humor, respect? Are the children given an appropriate degree of freedom or choice, in activities, self-expression and personal decisions, while also being expected to show an appropriate degree of personal responsibility, for consequences, others, and the environment? Are communication, guidance, and discipline handled in constructive, effective, and sensitive ways? What words are said to the children? Are the rules and expectations clear and reasonable? Requirements for this assignment: 3-5 pages at length, Times Roman 12pt font, double spaced, APA Format for in text citations (see APA format for citing you tube videos in Course Info tab) Cover Page:Your Name, My Name, Observation 1, Social Emotional Development, Edu 101, Fall 2021 CR 90393 Introductory paragraph about your observation focus. Body paragraphs- Descriptive observations and examples with references to video content (must include citations with timestamp) Concluding paragraph- tie together your overall thoughts Reference Page - Properly reference this video using the APA Format Watch Video Practical Strategies for Teaching Social Emotional Skills Duration: 28:41 User: n/a - Added: 3/16/18 YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h973WVZ9eAw

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