Learning Goal: I’m working on a english case study and need support to help me l
Learning Goal: I'm working on a english case study and need support to help me learn.Each student will write and submit a short paper. Your response should be well-rounded and analytical and should not just provide a conclusion or an opinion without explaining the reason for the choice. For full credit, you need to use the material from the week's lectures, text, and/or discussions when preparing your analysis.The assignment should consist of a Word Document, approximately 2-pages in length. Your paper should follow the case brief format as outlined in Modules>Introduction and Resources>Case Analysis - Overview, and include a summary of the relevant facts, the law, judicial opinion, etc.Research the case using the case citation in the DeVry Library under databases (select - HeinOnline), FindLaw.com, and other legal sources. Research the parties and circumstances of the case itself.You may select any case from the following list of 7 choices:Case/Citation1United States v. ParkUnited States Supreme Court 421 U.S. 658 (1975)2Sekhar v. United StatesUnited States Supreme Court 133 S. Ct. 9283Williamson Oil Co. v. Philip Morris, USAUnited States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit 346 F.3d 1287 (2003)4United States v. Microsoft CorporationUnited States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit 253 F.3d 34 (2001)5California Dental Association v. Federal Trade CommissionUnited States Supreme Court 526 U.S. 756 (1999)6Federal Trade Commission v. QT, Inc.United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit 512 F.3d 858 (2008)7Safeco Insurance Co. v. BurrUnited States Supreme Court 127 S. Ct. 2201 (2007)

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