I am in a grade of studies major. My areas of focus our business administration
I am in a grade of studies major. My areas of focus our business administration leader ship and communication. This is the second writing in a series that has to pertain to my career and academic goals or dreams. *Note: You will likely use our class discussions, including the CSA to help you as you work on this essay, and you may very well decide it's a good time to start gathering outside scholarly sources as you think about this essay and look ahead toward the Prospectus (and the IST 497 Capstone project, which should be coming into focus more with each passing assignment). Please remember to always cite your source. No matter what the source, always reference it. *Another Note: This essay builds upon the Autobiographical Essay/Intellectual Autobiography (I refer to the Intellectual Autobiography as the Autobiographical Essay in the IST 185 courses I teach) that many of you worked on for IST 185, but this updated revision of the assignment asks you to apply intellectual reflections to the ways that your "mission" as a college student has developed and how the BAIS program has facilitated the process of guiding you on that mission. You are encouraged to use your original Autobiographical Essays from IST 185 for this assignment, but you will need to revise them, as you've further considered and sharpened your research focus and approaches. Feel free to use significant portions of the original version of this essay that you wrote earlier in your college career, but make sure you revise and shape your submission for this version of the essay to meet the requirements of this specific assignment. It bears a lot of resemblance to the IST 185 version of the Autobiographical Essay, but it does have some differences, so if you do work from that first essay, revisions and updates will be necessary. Read the assignment thoroughly. If you have not completed an Autobiographical Essay for IST 185, then you will simply begin this essay using the CSA from last week to help you get started. To complete this essay, use the CSA from week 2 help you think about this assignment and to clearly identify a problem, social concern, or personal area of interest that could form a basis or "mission" for your college career. This is the complex problem that you'll presumably be continuing to consider and research as you move into the Prospectus, so complete this essay with the intention of utilizing these ideas in your Prospectus. For instance: perhaps in your CSA, you discussed reproductive rights for women. Your Intellectual Autobiography would consider ways to pursue some specific area of concern within the larger issue of reproductive rights (for example: legislative changes, public education, funding, and access are all specific areas of concern you might use as the “core” of the larger concern of reproductive rights). You will explore this area of concern using two disciplines. So, for example, someone whose disciplinary interests are in Literature and Political Science would approach this complex problem using methods and evidence from each of these disciplines--both of which would be incredibly relevant disciplines to study reproductive rights. As you can imagine, someone else wanting to think about reproductive rights through the perspectives of Biology and Philosophy would have a very different set of assumptions, evidence, and methodologies. So, for this essay, explain the complex problem or area of concern you could see yourself researching and then simply identify and discuss two disciplinary perspectives from the three areas of study you are working in for the IST degree that will contribute deeper insights into your understanding of the problem or concern you defined. Ask yourself: what expertise is required to create a solution or better understand the problem? From what academic disciplines and real-world environments would a useful interdisciplinary research project be comprised, in order to more fully grasp and solve this problem? You don’t have to solve any problems in this essay or do extensive research on the problem itself, but you do need to explain how your chosen disciplines would work together to make an effective interdisciplinary research “team.” So, using the above example, someone using Literature and Political Science as their two disciplines might decide to use feminist theory to research the political rhetoric surrounding the issue of reproductive rights in Presidential or Gubernatorial campaign ads and think about how these political conversations influence legislation on this issue in specific states or nationally. This person wouldn't need to use this essay to actually do the extensive research itself, but would simply explain how/why this approach would be valuable as an interdisciplinary research "mission." This assignment will be 500-750 (no more than 1500) words, and should also include a section (a couple of paragraphs) offering some commentary and reflection on your studies as an interdisciplinarian. This section can serve as an introduction or as a conclusion, but it should be thoughtful and it should fit with the rest of the essay. As you work toward the research prospectus and project, think and write a little about how you’re learning to research these areas of interest. This section of the essay might best be thought of as a way to explain to someone what you did as an IST major and how you learned to become an integrative thinker. I also realize that this reflective portion of the essay is, for many of you, an ‘in progress’ area of your work. You are encouraged to use this essay and particularly this portion of the essay as a reflective, flexible space in your writing that you can and should return to throughout the remainder of the semester and into IST 497. Please continue to take notes on your process, to reconsider your reflections, and to revise them as you learn and research further. We’ll have a chance in IST 497 to do some revisions on this, once the Project itself has been completed. As you use this essay to consider your intellectual identity and “mission,” include at least one source to help support the points you make. This could be a source you locate in our textbook that helps illustrate some key point about integrative studies and/or interdisciplinary thinking, or it may be a disciplinary source that helps explain the research you've done as an IST major. Be sure to cite your source(s) in text and include a Works Cited, using appropriate scholarly citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). This intellectual autobiography will be a more nuanced and contemplative essay than the Intellectual Autobiography you wrote in IST 185, and it will be more in-depth than the CSA from last week, though, again, you are encouraged to use either/both of those assignments to help you work on this paper. This is a very specific and well-founded essay that will show your ongoing development as a thinker. You're nearing the end of your college career at this point, and you have the experience and insight to discuss additional intellectual milestones, discoveries, and connections in interdisciplinary thinking and integrative studies. As you think about and compose this essay, consider your audience as well. Who could benefit from reading your intellectual

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