Hide Assignment Information Instructions 1.) Select a follow-on mission for the
Hide Assignment Information Instructions 1.) Select a follow-on mission for the space shuttle State the requirements of the follow-on mission. You can state the requirements of the mission in relation to the ISS mission. Hence, state the new mission parameters based on the ISS mission. Don't worry about making this perfect. Provide a set of mission parameters that you think are reasonable for a follow-on mission. 2.) Select a shuttle technology for upgrade Select a shuttle technology that you think requires a significant upgrade. State reasons as to why you need to upgrade the technology for the follow-on mission. The reasons could be better payload, higher safety, higher range, etc. You can even consider upgrading multiple shuttle technologies. If you feel that extending the shuttle program for your follow-on mission is not an optimal path, then select any space transportation system that you think can accomplish your mission. This could be any system from the past or present. Compare your system to the shuttle and state why it is optimal to select your transportation system. Your paper should be approximately 10 pages long (not including Cover, Bibliography pages) Use of pictures and diagrams, properly cited in-text, annotated and source cited, is expected. Pictures do not count toward the 10 page count. (Pictures and diagrams are cited in-text and used to support the discussion. Pictures are not just space-fillers). Research paper best practices (taught in SPST300) apply. The use of Footnotes is recommended. A Bibliography with a minimum of five scholarly sources is required. Formal writing style free of grammatical and spelling error is expected. (Undergraduate 400 Level expectations!)

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