Hello. so i need to submit a journal critque for my class and she gave us one ar
Hello. so i need to submit a journal critque for my class and she gave us one article to review and summarize in our own words. its called "Attitudes toward condom carriers" The role of gender Pauline C . Leung1 and Tara K . MacDonald1. these are the instructions. "Write your summary by fully answering the questions below and use in-text citations throughout your summary (about once every paragraph). Do NOT include the questions in your summary, ratheranswer these questions in an essay format:oInclude a brief introductiontothe topic addressed by the research study. Set the stage for what will be discussed in the paper.oResearch question:What was the question they were attempting to answer through their research? Do not summarize their entire introduction. Summarize only what these current researchers are doing(their research question and hypotheses will be found at the end of the Introduction section). If they were studying multiple questions, it is okay to just focus on one research question that most interests you. You do not have to summarize all aspects of their study -that would be too much!Hypothesis:What specifically did they predict they would find through their research?oConclusionsdrawn by the researcher: What were their conclusions? What should future research focus on? (Their results and conclusions can be found in the Discussion & Conclusion sections).•Page 3: Create an APA reference page for the article you selected (see APA Format PowerPoint). Examples of the cover page, in-text citations, page numbers, and reference page layout can also be found in the sample manuscript posted on Canvas. You don’t need an abstract page for this assignment.

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