For your first post in this discussion, name a specific company and a type of pr
For your first post in this discussion, name a specific company and a type of product that company produces. Then, describe how the accounting system for that company/product works (if you have direct knowledge) or should work, based on what you know about the company/product and what you've read in our textbook. What challenges do you think are important in the manufacturing of this product? How can the accounting system help overcome these challenges. What kinds of information are most useful? Do not repeat an example already posted in this thread. Use your second and third postings in this thread to engage in discussing your example and the examples provided by other students. Please get started early so you can participate fully in the discussion. To get full credit (25 points), your postings must be reasonably spread over the duration of this discussion. I hope you will participate throughout the discussion with activity early, around the middle, and later in the two-week period. Do not be afraid of making a mistake when you describe your company/product example. I realize that many of you may not have first-hand knowledge of how a specific manufacturing firm operates. I'm simply looking for three thoughtful responses from each of you. Discussing the manufacturing processes and cost accounting systems for different types of products will "bring home" many of the topics we cover in this course,

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