ENGL 1102 Rough Draft: Sept 30th Essay #1 Final Draft: Oct
ENGL 1102 Rough Draft: Sept 30th Essay #1 Final Draft: Oct 5th Iron Chef Synthesis Requirements 1000-1200 words 3-5 citations Chicago-Style Footnotes Prompt Using the data set (reading list) below, write an essay that synthesizes the information in a focused manner. The specific subject matter of the essay is yours to determine. You may choose to focus on one or two texts, or you may develop a thematic reading of multiple texts. In any case, the subject matter should be strategically chosen, and provide perspective on the data set as a whole by explaining the meaning and function of each of the subject’s parts. It should ask analytical questions, such as: Which of the ideas in the readings are most significant? Why? How do these ideas fit together? What do the key passages in the reading mean? The difficult task here is finding a coherent path through the information. The assumption, and thus expectation, is that there are thematic connections to be made in the material. There are shared problems, patterns, and points of departure. The essay, in essence, should be a narrative of the problem(s) inherent to the data set. What does John Oliver (Last Week Tonight) do besides narrate a path through a particular data set (news topic)? What information should be included and what excluded? As the textbook advises: 1) look for the underlying structure/pattern; 2) select the information based on a principle rather than general coverage (avoid lists); 3) reduce your scope, and say more about less; 4) shift focus from what to how and why; 5) a reading is an argument; a reading is a reaction to some situation; a reading is a response to the world conditioned by a particular moment in time. Data Set “The Fine Art of Baloney Detection” “What Desires are Politically Important” Notes from Amusing Ourselves to Death “Wacky Rabbit” “Replica” “Conspiracy Theories” from Last Week Tonight ‘When Bad Thinking Happens to Good People’ Review: Let’s Be Reasonable The antidote to fake news is to nourish our epistemic wellbeing 31% of American adults are online almost constantly. You Must Not 'Do Your Own Research' When It Comes To Science The Modern Origins of Our Epistemic Crisis: A Media & Democracy Workshop

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