Create a new, fresh, unusual and compelling ethical world view. A world view is
Create a new, fresh, unusual and compelling ethical world view. A world view is literally how one views the world, and includes one's beliefs, assumptions, and ideology. Explain and substantiate it. Note some likely results if this were to become mainstream truth, belief, or consensual reality. This last part is really important. I want you to consider the consequences and social change that would occur if we all operated under this new world view. Create that new world under the new ethical world view and bring it to life. Make sure you create a simple statement that clarifies this view. This will help keep you on point. The paper needs to state this as a clear sentence at the top of the first page. Some examples: - It is unethical to own any other part of nature, such as animals, plants, or land. - Money, as a system, is damaging to humans and should be abolished. - All humans are equal and must be treated that way, including in the allocation of resources. - People who cannot contribute economically to a culture should be cared for and treated to the very finest standard of living available. This includes absolutely everyone who cannot hold a job for one reason or another. - Instead of material success, the US now operates on the assumption that creative expression is our highest and most cherished value. Please do not use any of these. Come up with your own. This paper is meant to be part research and part creative. Does this world view already exist in another culture, even historically? You can include that information, but create your own original foundation that would be relevant to our culture, beyond that already existing one. The bulk of the paper should not be research oriented. Also, do not create something that would only exist in a fantasy world. Your concept needs to conform to the current laws of science and nature. Be creative, think big and outside of the box, and open your minds to new and exciting possibilities! Paper should be 3 pages long, 12 point font, times new roman, double spaced, no header on top.

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