Choose from one of the following alternatives and prepare a paper that demonstra
Choose from one of the following alternatives and prepare a paper that demonstrates that you have met the course learner outcome: Compare standards of child-care/education quality, risk management, and child abuse prevention and apply them to safety analysis of actual environments used by children. Locate and use the following types of standards: Regulations for child care or education Accreditation standards Government- or professional organization-sponsored standards Consumer protection standards Observe two playgrounds – in public parks, child-care, or school settings. Analyze safety according to at least 2 sets of accepted standards. Discuss equipment, safety for different ages of children, the role of adult supervision in relation to playground safety, etc. Develop an Emergency Management Plan for an Early Childhood Education Center. Include: Information about the program for whom the plan is developed: number of children, staff, description or sketch of the facility, etc. Effective plans to deal with different types of emergencies - fire, intruder, weather, etc. - to protect children, staff, and program. (If using an existing plan as a template, use care not to plagiarize!) For either alternative, prepare recommendations to decision-makers. Identify specific actions to improve the safety of children, staff, and program. For specific requirements for this assignment, please review the assignment

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