After completing Coyote Places the Stars Assignment, it is time for you to put y
After completing Coyote Places the Stars Assignment, it is time for you to put your goggles on to dive deep into the mythical oceans to fetch one more mythological origin story. It can be the origin story of a physical object, a natural or social phenomenon, a profession, a holiday, an activity, etc. In this assignment, you: Find a book containing an origin story; an e-book will work perfectly; Read the origin story; Answer the questions regarding the origin story in the discussion post (below); Reply to two of your peers (prompts below). Note: You will only be able to see other posts after you have posted your original submission. The goal is to develop your practical research skills, and thus identifying your source, as well as finding out the way to access it, are as important parts of the assignment as presenting the information you found, and discussing the myth with your peers. Two good resources to find a book: Valencia College Library; you can access the library from your Atlas account; Google Books; You need to find the book on your own (I am not going to assist you), as that is a part of the challenge. You can ask a librarian to help you if you want to. Once you have found the book, and read the story, answer the following questions in your original post: What is the book you work with? Name the title and the author; What is it that the story describes the origin of? How is the object created? Who creates it? Out of what? Why? How do humans/animals react to creation? What happens to the creator? Does the world change as a result of the creation? If so, how? What are your thoughts after reading the story? What stood out to you? Original post: 200 words or 3 minutes; 30 points. Post two peer replies: Are there any similarities between your story and that your peer has posted? Comments? Thoughts? Questions? You can either reply to an original post published by someone else, or to someone’s reply to your post.

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