1. What is the author’s claim in the selected reading? In other words, what do y
1. What is the author's claim in the selected reading? In other words, what do you believe the author wants their audience to learn or understand better once they’ve finished reading? 2. Have you identified new key points that the author uses to support their claim in the selected reading? If so, include them here. If not, restate the key points you uncovered in your Writing Notes assignment and explain why the key points from that assignment have remained the same, even after conducting an active reading of the article. 3. Describe the author’s target audience: What group (or groups) of people is the author trying to reach with their message? 4. What choices does the author make in their writing to connect with this target audience? 5. Explain your evaluation of the author’s claim: Is the claim strong or weak? What evidence or key points from the writing best support the author’s claim? If you found the claim to be weak, explain why the evidence or key points provided did not effectively support the author’s claim. Above is the rubric for my paper. My teacher accused me of cheating and is making me write it again, I don't have a lot of time to do that cause of some family problems right now. I attached a file with my paper and one with a PDF file for the article my paper needs to be on. I hope this all helps and thank you for saving my butt here.

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