1 • Evaluates sources and uses summary, analysis, synthesis and integration to c
1 • Evaluates sources and uses summary, analysis, synthesis and integration to construct a literature review on a topic chosen by the student Communicates findings of scholarly research through multiple genres of writing. • Analyzes a topic of inquiry through scholarly research. Literature Reviews act as surveys of available literature on a topic. These are either written as stand-alone essays or as parts of a larger research projects. Literature reviews can be incorporated into larger essays as a way of giving context to the unique research. The literature review that you work on in this class should be treated as a stand-alone work. But you may want to consider this to be preparation for your Advanced Project as you work towards that degree requirement. Your literature review will need to directly address your research question by surveying research that has been done on your topic. You will need to summarize, analyze, synthesize at least 15 peer reviewed articles. Information should be arranged thematically. Read the work you have collected looking for trends or patterns in your sources information. Elaborating on each relevant trend or pattern would then occupy a unique paragraph or section of the paper. Incorporate strategies from "Engaging Sources", "Making an Argument", and "Organizing Your Argument" from The Craft of Research. Your Literature review will need to comply with academic essay structure (introduction, body, conclusion, etc.). Citations and paper format must be in consistent APA format. The final project should be between 4-8 pages. At the beginning of your first draft, answer these self-evaluation questions on the copy you give to your instructor (you do not need to include your self-evaluation on the copy you post for your peers): 1. How have you used ideas from your Synthesis Matrix to answer your research question? 2. How have you had to adapt your research question based on the available sources, if at all? 3. What were the hardest and easiest parts of writing this draft? 4. What appropriate academic or university resources[1] will you use to make sure your grammar, mechanics and citations confirm to audience expectations? 5. What is one specific paragraph of the Literature Review that you are concerned with?

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