The exam will be avaliable this Friday midnight and will be avaliable until next
The exam will be avaliable this Friday midnight and will be avaliable until next Thursday 9am EST. The exam is short and should complete within 3 hours; however, I'm willing to pay the price worth of 12-page writing. The exam covers topics in methods, neuroanatomy, neurotransmission, sensation/perception, and consciousness. Below are the textbooks and readings we do in class that cover the topics: 1) Schacter, D.L., Gilbert, D.T., Wegner, D.M., Nock, M.K. (2017). Psychology (4th edition), New York, NY: Worth. Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, and Chapter 5 2) Attached Rosenzweig Reading 3) Taking Sides is Addiction a Brain Disease Reading Exam Guideline: Exams contains 20 Multiple-Choice Questions and 5 short-answer questions. Questions are factual (basic knowledge or definition), conceptual (understanding a concept or relationship between concepts) or applied (application of a concept to a novel situation). In all cases, you should know details (not just the gist) and use examples to justify your answers. I am interested in your learning and your approach to problems. Therefore, partial credit will be given when you answer parts of the questions correctly. Short-answer Questions are below: 1) What are the main functions of each of the four lobes? 2) Explain the difference between Broca's and Wernicke's areas in terms of function. 3) What are the four main functions of the hypothalamus? 4) Identify the components of a neuron, and distinguish among three major types of neurons. 5) Describe the process by which the eyes and the brain convert light waves to neural signals. Be sure to also describe the visual pathway from the eye through the brain. Just send the bids for the price. I'm willing to make it higher.

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