Search the web for different political parties Compose a PowerPoint presentation
Search the web for different political parties Compose a PowerPoint presentation that details how these parties compare and contrast with one another. Go to the following webpage: Political Parties -- Wikipedia (Links to an external site.) Please note that the Wikipedia page listed above simply lists the political parties. You will need to go each individual party's webpage to find the information you need to complete the assignment. Usually, the party's webpage is listed in the reference section of the wikipage. Choose three political parties, each from a different country. Once you’ve chosen the three, examine them closely in order to answer the following questions: What are the political platforms of the various parties? How do they compare and contrast with one another? (NOTE: Do not simply copy and paste party platforms. The platforms aren't as important as is the comparing and contrasting of the platforms.) How well do the websites allow for voter input and interaction? What types of inputs are allowed? How "democratic" are these websites? What are the graphical qualities of the websites? In what sense are (or are not) the various websites visually appealing? Things to note: In comparing and contrasting political parties, you can take one of two approaches. First, you can choose three political parties that are very similar in the sense that they share a common ideology or theme. You may choose, for example, three fascist, conservative, socialist, communist, labor, green, etc. parties, and then focus on the differences among those parties. Or, second, you can choose three parties that are completely different and focus on the similarities among those parties. Comparing and contrasting does not mean that you list all the things you can about one party, and then do the same for the other two parties. Comparing and contrasting means that you make every effort to combine your information in a coherent manner that explains in what ways all three parties are similar or different in regards to the questions posed above. You are pretty much limited to using parties with English-language webpages. The one exception is that you may choose Spanish-language webpages, but your assignment must be written in English. As mentioned above, this assignment is to be done as a PowerPoint presentation. While you are responsible for answering the questions above, the particular format in which you do that is not entirely important – be creative here. If you are stumped as to a possible outline, I would suggest something along the following lines: An introductory page with your name and title of your presentation. A page telling the reader what you intend to show in your presentation. Three to five pages comparing and contrasting the major platform issues of the respective parties. Three to five pages of your analysis (related to questions mentioned above). One to two pages of conclusions. You are strongly encouraged to use graphics in your presentation. Be sure to cite the sources of your graphics. If, for example, you say that a website isn't very visually appealing, then show why that page isn't appealing. Important Information: This assignment must be completed and submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. on Unit due date found on the Course Schedule. You must include a "webography" in this assignment. In other words, you must list the URL's for each of the three political party websites that you examine.

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