Responded to the post, be respectful in your discussion. Healthy debates are wel
Responded to the post, be respectful in your discussion. Healthy debates are welcomed. Be sure to maintain academic rigor and professionalism at all times. List a few modern-day examples of jobs that have been rendered obsolete or outright replaced by Technological changes. The automobile replacing the horse and buggy. Telephone switchboard operators replaced by computers (The Rise and Fall of Telephone Operators, 2021). Bank Teller replaced by Automated Teller Machines · What jobs can you think of that are unlikely to be replaced by technology? Painter/Musician/Artist Doctor/Nurse/Practitioner Athlete · What role has our increased emphasis on time measurement played in this dilemma? Our human desire for the increase in productivity and reduction of labor has created with it, the rapid expansion of technologies to reduce time necessary to complete automated task. Some fear that the contrast between labor needed, and goods produced, will create rising unemployment, and with it, a shirking of the middle class (Freeland, 2012). · Is technological advancement destroying jobs and decreasing the amount of available work, or is it just transforming the nature of work? Is this a good or bad thing for social progress? It can be either good or bad, it depends on the decisions we make, and how we use the tools of technology as a collective. I think the reduction in workload is offset by the creation of jobs elsewhere, out of either necessity or boredom, we will create new industries and jobs to replace the old. The assumption that robots could supply humans with all their wants and desires is to suggest our environment is finite, and so are our wants. As technology advances and man continues to push their boundaries and horizons, new possibilities will present themselves, and with them, the need to think in new ways, and create new jobs (Marr, 2020) · What kind of social implications will widespread automation have on the way we live? What kind of future do you see for us? As automation becomes more readily available, we’ll see a discussion started to emerge, one that questions its place in our daily lives, even more so than this discussion we are having right now. Humans will need to decide on a personal level how they plan to use this luxury, do you allow technology to feed into your gluttonous nature, or do you use it to enable you to spend more time pursuing noble endeavors. Does the future human use the abundance of time given to them to create a better world? Or do they selfishly fulfill their wants and needs? I hope the future is full of people pursuing their passions because they finally have the time to, and they don't squander their gift of abundance. References: The Rise and Fall of Telephone Operators. (2021). Retrieved 25 September 2021, from Freeland, C. (2012). Technology and the shrinking middle class. Retrieved 25 September 2021, from (Links to an external site.) Marr, B. (2020). These 25 Technology Trends Will Define The Next Decade. Retrieved 25 September 2021, from

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