For this paper, you’ll develop a persuasive argument based on a topic of your ch
For this paper, you'll develop a persuasive argument based on a topic of your choice. Pick a topic you're passionate about: it could be a current event or issue, a social or political stance- anything that you're curious about and committed to. Once you have your core argument (thesis), you'll back it up with claims. Each claim deserves its own paragraph. In turn, each paragraph should contain ethos, pathos, and logos. To convey your control of these rhetorical elements, you will submit your essay in color code. Text that represents ethos should be blue; text that representspathos should be red, and text that represents logos should be green. The more colorful your paper, the greater your infusion of rhetorical strategies. As with your other essays for this class, you will draft your essay and share it to the Discussion Post here for peer feedback. Please be sure to offer a draft or brainstorming/ideas for your initial post (by 9/27 or 9/28), and then follow up with comments and feedback for peers throughout the week.

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