For this assessment, you will have an opportunity to see how creative expression
For this assessment, you will have an opportunity to see how creative expressions can broaden your perspective. You will write a minimum 600-word descriptive essay reporting on your experience with a work of art or creative expression and how it taught you something new. Select a work of art, literature, film, music, architecture, theatre, dance, food, or photography from another country or culture. Aim to challenge yourself to go beyond countries or cultural artifacts that you already enjoy or know well. The goal is to see how a creative expression can change you and give you more capacity to see things through the eyes of others. So the more foreign your selection is to you and your experience, the more likely you can complete the assessment successfully. Your viewpoint and purpose should be clearly established and sustained. This assessment has four parts. Part I: Give an introduction to the paper and to what you will complete in the assessment. Introduce your selection and explain why you have selected it. Why was this artifact interesting? Why are you interested in learning more about this country or culture? Use and cite a source to help introduce the artifact, to explain its significance, and to demonstrate your ability to incorporate outside information into your investigation. Part II: Explain the experience of engaging with this work of artistic expression. If you watched a foreign film, talk about what you felt was unique in the filmmaking, storytelling, music, plot, or characters. If you decided to eat a different type of food, talk about the sights, sounds, smells, and taste. Be descriptive about your first impressions, your apprehensions or stereotypes, and your perspective during the encounter. Part III: Reflect upon what you learned and how it may help you to better understand the perspective of others. Use and cite a source as you summarize what you learned about the expression itself. Share what you learned from your research and how this influenced your experience. Also, apply this beyond the immediate experience and connect to how you can use the lessons of this assignment in the future. For example, how might this be useful at work in a specific task you have to complete? How might this help you in your life, community, or among your group of friends? What did you learn about yourself from your first and final impressions of the experience? Part IV: Offer a substantive conclusion. Highlight the main points of the paper, restate the thesis, and share parting conclusions with the reader. The paper should be written in a logical order following the instructions above, as well as original and insightful. You may label each part of the project to help clarify where you are addressing these elements of the paper, but you should also be writing a cohesive, descriptive essay that demonstrates college-level writing. Follow the formatting guidelines put forth in the APA style of writing, and structure your thoughts in essay format – introductory paragraph and thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. The paper should be composed in Standard American English, 12 point, Times New Roman font. Check your grammar, punctuation and spelling before you submit the work.

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