1) suggest a tentative idea for your semester long research project. At this poi

1) suggest a tentative idea for your semester long research project. At this point, it could be a question, an issue, a concept, a community, or a fieldsite/location. You can continue to refine the idea over the coming weeks. YOU ARE NOT BOUND TO WHATEVER YOU WRITE ABOUT HERE! You can change your project as necessary. TOPIC (lack of funding from city of Oakland to recreation centers; Oakland parks&rec)
2) Take some time to write privately about the experiences, preferences, and prejudices you bring with you to this project idea: a) How does your back ground (religious, cultural, ethnic, regional, family, class, and so on) predispose you toward (or against) particular people, groups, or practices? b) List several potential ethnographic projects you’d like to undertake. Why do they interest you? What ties them together? c) List several you would not consider under any circumstances. Why do you feel that way? d) Describe your social skills. e) What situations do you thrive in? f) What kinds of situations do you find intimidating (or dull, or intolerable, or …)? g) Are there certain kinds of situations – physical, cultural, or otherwise – that may be difficult or dangerous for you to navigate? h) Follow whatever leads these questions open, and be as honest as you can with yourself. Again, this part of the exercise is private and will not be shared.
3) Condense your private writing down to maximum 2-3 pages (or however long you need it to be, word length doesn’t matter too much here) you are prepared to share publicly on this forum. You can cut and paste. It’s okay to be vulnerable, to the extent you feel comfortable.

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