Data: Any work(s) of pop culture. Films (Indochine) Sample Questions: In what wa

Data: Any work(s) of pop culture. Films (Indochine)
Sample Questions: In what ways do pop cultural depictions of war reconfigure projects of empire or nation? Via refugee issues? How does race function in the work(s) you select?
Theoretical/analytical resources:There are quite a few that address race and racism in pop cultural works (i.e. Norindr, McKinney, White, Kleinen, Espiritu, etc.).
Using theoretical and analytical tools learned in class, you are asked to analyze in-depth at least one popular cultural work (a.k.a primary texts) in your paper. These can include literary texts, music, film, comics, videos, games, or visual images, etc.. You could choose works of culture we covered in class lectures and readings, or something you found.
Methods of qualitative analysis of texts, music, documents are interpretive in approach. To guide your interpretation and analysis, it is often necessary to apply certain conceptual tools from your theoretical tool bag. Theories and concepts we learn from class lectures and readings will help in devising your research question as well as guiding your analysis. The cultural work you choose may also turn around and question the validity or political efficacy of theories. There is here dialogue between theory and primary texts.
In your 8-page paper, you should explain and discuss relevant issues and concepts, describe the kind of data you have selected, make a case for your analysis of the data, and support your argument with clear examples.  The format should follow an analytical/research paper: the intro previews the theoretical framework, the argument, and the data; the body of your paper makes your case by explaining issues and concepts, supporting each point in your argument with analysis of scenes from films, visual images, music, lyrics, poetry, etc.; and the conclusion pulls together parts of your argument into a summary. Limit the number of cultural works you examine to two at most becaue a more in-depth analysis will be more compelling than a brief assertion of what those works may mean.
In your paper, please use concepts and theories from at least two authors from class lectures or readings. You may add other academic sources from outside class that you find helpful. Please cite paraphrases or quotes. It is good practice to follow a style manual on citation and listing of references. Choose either Chicago or MLA and stick with it.  Please also include a list of sources cited at the end of your paper.