Write a code of ethics for your fictional organization. The code may be in a bul

Write a code of ethics for your fictional organization. The code may be in a bulleted list or essay format.
Explain how your organization will deal with the relationship among ethics, morality, and social issues within the legal environment.
Company: McBride Financial Service.

Open your web browser and search for Management Quiz. Select a quiz or quizzes t

Open your web browser and search for Management Quiz. Select a quiz or quizzes to answer Write a 350- to 700-word essay on your management style. It may help to reflect on the following: What do you define as management? What are good qualities of a manager?
What are poor qualities of a manager? Do the qualities change based on different situations (social environment, work environment, or home environment)? Do you agree with the results of your management quiz? Discuss. Format your essay consistent with APA guidelines.

read the instructions. look up the following Sources:  https://www.ssga.com/us/e

read the instructions.
look up the following Sources: 
Bolliger, Michael, Paul Donovan and Sundeep Gantori. “The rise of Bitcoin.” UBS. January 14, 2021.
Hougan, Matt and David Lawant. “Cryptoassets: The Guide to Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency for Investment Professionals.” CFA Institute Research Foundation Brief. 2021.
Panigirtzoglou, Nikolaos et al. “Flows and Liquidity: Has bitcoin equalized with gold already?” JP Morgan Global Markets Strategy. January 4, 2021.

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You have been asked to write a report to the board of directors of one of the se

You have been asked to write a report to the board of directors of one of the selected companies below as part of the interview process for your first appointment as a Finance Director of a company listed on AIM (which is the Alternative Investment Market for small companies) within the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The board of directors have asked you to write a report about your vision and strategic financial goals for the company.
The companies are within a selected sector of the AIM. Assume that your selected company has ambitions and plans to become a FTSE 100 company (the Main Market for UK listed companies) in the near future (3 to 5 years).
The report should be maximum 2,000 words (+/- 10%). Remember you need to make an impression on the board of directors for you to be considered for the critical post of Finance Director. The essence of this assignment is to test your knowledge and understanding of key accounting and corporate governance concepts, theories and tools and ability to present data in a concise manner. 
* Read the instructions there
* Watch the videos
* The video will refer to other recorded lessons on corporate governance. As this is required in your assignment, pls watch the recorded lessons
* Watch this video on SWOT analysis, which is also required in assignment

Discuss the respective roles of primary and secondary capital markets in the fin

Discuss the respective roles of primary and secondary capital markets in the financial system and outline the role of investment banks within them. What potential problems may arise if the investment bank is part of a larger bank that also includes a retail bank? 

The cost to purchase the CT scan is $1,300,000 at 10% (PV), with straight line d

The cost to purchase the CT scan is $1,300,000 at 10% (PV), with straight line depreciation over 5 years. The trade-in value $130,000 at the end of its useful life. The maintenance expense equals $12,000 annually.
The cost to lease the equipment is $26,000 per month for a period of 60 months, which includes all maintenance costs. The tables below provide the financial overview of the purchase and lease costs.

Week 1: Understanding Ethics  Week 2: Ethical SWOT Analysis Week 3: Historical C

Week 1: Understanding Ethics 
Week 2: Ethical SWOT Analysis
Week 3: Historical Context and Ethical Questions
Week 4: Literature Review
Week 5: Equity Impact Assessment
Week 6: Code of Ethics
Week 7: Recommendations
The structure of your presentation will follow the chronological order of the assignments. Here is a suggested organization.
Title slide, including the presentation title, your name, name of the course, and the date
A discussion of your strongest ethical values
Explain which philosophies and philosophers are your greatest influences.
A high-level overview of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your chosen technology based on your ethical values
A brief history and context of your chosen technology
A reflection of what you learned from your research
An abridged assessment of the equity impact of your technology
Key points in your code of ethics
A summary of your key recommendations
A conclusion with final thoughts
References in APA style
For this presentation, you will provide an audio narration of approximately 8–10 minutes. There are a variety of ways to add audio narration, but using the Record Audio feature in PowerPoint is highly recommended for its simplicity and ease of use. If you wish to use something else, please check with your instructor first.
Effective presentations will include the following elements.
Well-designed, well-balanced slides that incorporate visual aids and text harmoniously
In-slide references to sources
Clear, confident audio narration
Correct use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation

Page2of 2RESM 5530 – Fall 2021Looking at the Law Differently AssignmentAssignmen

Page2of 2RESM 5530 – Fall 2021Looking at the Law Differently AssignmentAssignment Name.   Transforming Information – Looking at the Law Differently Introduction  &  Purpose.    Sir  William  Bragg,  a  Nobel  prize  winning  physicist,  chemist and mathematician, once said: “the important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.”  This course introduced you to  new  legal  concepts,  doctrines,  and  principles;  touched  on  select  legal  theories; demonstrated how the “Law” and legal concepts can (and should) be factor in strategic decision; and hopefully propelled you to think in new ways about how the law applies to managing risks in sports, recreation, and events. This assignment starts with something with which you are familiar – the risk management process. You will be provided a risk management process from another industry (the U.S. Army)  to  see  how  the  military  thinks  about  managing  risk  when planning missions  and operations. It’s  logical  to  ask  “what  does  another  industry  have  to  do  with  sports,  recreation,  or events?”  But  try  reframing  the  question:  “can  I  learn  from  the  other  industry’s  risk management process?” Or, “what can I learn from how another industry manages risks?”  In other words, discover new ways of thinking about old things. Assignment.    Re-read  the  article  “Knowledge,  Creativity  and  Innovation.”    Afterwards, read Chapter 2 of the U.S. Army Field Manual entitled “Risk Management Process.” Your assignment is to transform the first seven pages of the chapter from a risk management process that pertains to the U.S. Army’s combat mission to one that applies to a sports management, recreation, or events operation that interests you or with which you have experience.   Starting the Assignment. Select an area that interests you (“area of interest”’).  The operation or experience can be coaching a team or even coaching a particular position; preparing for a professional draft; preparing for an upcoming University Interscholastic  League  or  intercollegiate  conference  realignment;  operating  or managing a recreation facility; developing a fund-raising campaign for a nonprofit organization;  organizing a major event, etc.   Develop an Acronym. Identify the potential hazards that are present in the area of  interest  you  selected  and  develop  an  acronym  that  assists  in  identifying  the hazards (like the army’s METT-T acronym).  Your acronym must include an “L” for law(s). In other words, you must identify at least one legal concept that applies to your area of interest. (Think about the Chen v. MLB and Dallas Wave assignments). NOTE: You do not have to identify all of the legal concepts, but, you should be able to identify one or two. You are free to talk to each other or reach out to me.   Writing the Paper. To assist you, I have underlined words that are peculiar to the Army and stricken through the word “military.” (I may have missed a few). Once you  have  decided  on  the  area  of  interest  and  created  an  acronym,  one  way  to begin  writing  the  paper  is  to  replace  the  underlined  words  with  ones  that  are Looking at the Law Differently AssignmentPage 2applicable to the area of interest you have chosen. Or, you may find that some of the underlined words apply to your area of interest, for example, the word “leader.” You can use the Figures in the material as they are or modify them; or, you do not have to use them if they do not apply. You can transform the seven pages any way you desire as long as it is consistent with the intent of the assignment.  Paper Format.  In writing your paper, you can use the same format as the material you are transforming or develop one that works best for you. It can be from 5-10 pages.  Whatever format you chose:o use headings as transitions;o 12-point font; o Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman font style;o single-space, and only your product will determine whether it is too short. (Meaning don’t ask me how short it can be).  Rubric.  You will be graded on your ability to apply the material to your area of interests; your ability to develop an acronym to identify hazards present in your area; whether you incorporate “Law” into your acronym; and the organization of your paper.  Again, you can follow the format in document you are transforming. There are a lot of ways to complete this  assignment.  Don’t  be  scared,  timid,  or  worse  –  intellectually  lazy.  Be  creative.  Be innovative. Be Transformative.

Due this week is your Course Project Presentation. The assignment asks you to cr

Due this week is your Course Project Presentation. The assignment asks you to create a narrated PowerPoint that reflects what you have learned about your chosen topic over the last 7 weeks. In an effort to ensure you develop the strongest presentation possible, this week you will participate in a peer review in which you will give and receive critical feedback.
For this peer review, you will do the following.
Be assigned to a group by your professor.
Submit your PowerPoint draft, with or without narration, for review by no later than end of day Wednesday. Attach your PowerPoint file in the group discussion.
Review and provide feedback on two of your peers’ drafts by no later than end of day Friday. Provide your reviews as a response to your peers’ initial posts.
In your review, provide developed responses to the following questions.
What is the focus and purpose of the presentation? Write it in your own words.
Do the slides balance text with visuals? If not, what recommendations can you make?
Do the slides provide meaningful content through bullet points as opposed to dense text?
Do the slides present a clear pattern of organization? Why or why not?
Is the use of credible research apparent in the presentation, and are sources correctly cited?
What did you like most about the presentation?
What is one substantive change you would make to the presentation?