Directions: Rather than “first post this” and “second post that” and all that ja

Rather than “first post this” and “second post that” and all that jazz, I’m going to tell you my goals for you for this board. Please demonstrate your basic understanding of King’s argument in this text, by perhaps pointing to places in the text where that argument echoes, etc. Then, as you begin to respond to peers, use the Rhetorical Analysis questions from Lumen Learning linked below under “Basic Questions for . . .” and begin answering some of those questions together.
When responding to peers you can elaborate on their answer, point to similiarities and differences between your answer and theirs, can pull quotes from the text of the essay and explore possibile meanings, point to examples of ethos, pathos, logos etc.
The main learning goal of this discussion board is to critically read and respond to the King text so that you would feel comfortable enough to write about how King is writing and what tools he’s using to formulate his argument.
Due Date:
Make your first post by mid-week and additional response posts by the following Monday. If we extend this discussion another week, I’ll expect to see at least one or two more response posts in addition to what you’ve already posted by Monday of Week 4.
You’ll be graded A, B, or C based on our Discussion Board Rubric:
Assigned Texts for this board from the Course Outline:
Read: Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr. URL:
Read: Letter to my Nephew by James Baldwin and packet URL:
What Sacagewea Means to Me by Sherman Alexie URL Time Magazine:,33009,1002814,00.html
Useful Readings for this activity from our handbook:
What is Rhetorical Analysis URL: (Watch the video but if you choose to do the exercises that’s up to you).
Basic Questions for the Rhetorical Analysis URL: