Biodiversity Report The objective of this activity is to consider the problem of

Biodiversity Report
The objective of this activity is to consider the problem of protecting biodiversity by looking at a specific endangered species.
First pick an endangered species – it must be listed on the IUCN redlist as either Endangered or Critically Endangered.
For this species research it and then write a report about the species. You must include the following:
Description of the species
Taxonomic classification of the species
In what region(s) of the world and in what type of habitats/ecosystems are they found?
Why are they endangered?
What ecosystem services does the species provide?
How do we protect the species (be as specific as possible)?
Note that your report must be have at least three references. 

Use one of the links below to access a landmark decision from the United States

Use one of the links below to access a landmark decision from the United States Supreme Court. These cases include those that established Miranda rights, a woman’s right to choose, school desegregation, and many more important issues. Read the court’s majority opinion in the case. Post the Bluebook citation for the case you read (remember, it may be different from the citation form used by the web site), and identify the:
Case name
Docket number
Date of decision
Attorneys for the parties
Name of the Justice writing the opinion
Do you agree with the majority’s opinion in the case? Why or why not?
Korematsu v. United States
Brown v. Board of Education
Mapp v. Ohio
Gideon v. Wainwright
Miranda v. Arizona
Tinker v. Des Moines
Roe v. Wade
United States v. Nixon
University of California Regents v. Bakke
New Jersey v. T.L.O.
Hazelwood School Dist. v. Kuhlmeier

For this final report assignment, you can use the same industry you selected for

For this final report assignment, you can use the same industry you selected for the Week 3 assignment, or you can select another industry.
Prepare a 2–3 page final report in which you examine one of the macroeconomic variables below:
Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
The unemployment rate.
The inflation rate.
Choose an industry that interests you. (Remember, an industry is not a company. An industry is a group of companies doing the same thing. Ford is a company. Automobile manufacturing is an industry.)
Do research on your industry. In a few short paragraphs, describe your selected industry.
Be sure to write in your own words.
Identify the goods and/or services the industry provides.
Identify some of the major companies in this industry.
Add anything else about the industry that you think is interesting.
Keep track of your sources by copying their Internet addresses (URLs). You can paste these URLs at the end of your paper as your references.
Select one of three macroeconomic variables (real GDP, the unemployment rate, or the inflation rate) that a businessperson in your chosen industry should monitor, and explain why that variable is important and how it might have an impact on your selected industry.
Describe in a sentence or two the important movements of the variable in the table and graph.
Excel tables and graphs are attached for each of the three macroeconomic variables (real GDP, the unemployment rate, and the inflation rate).
Review the Excel table and graph for the macroeconomic variable that you chose.
Summarize how you think this industry will perform in the future.
Be sure to provide support for your prediction of this future industry performance.
Your report should include a minimum of two references/citations in the text.

each Question half page one reference 1 Advanced analytics is a data analysis pr

each Question half page one reference
Advanced analytics is a data analysis process that applies to machine learning, deep learning, business process automation, and other statistical methods to analyze clinical and business processes information from various data sources. Advanced analytics does not only use in traditional data analysis but is also used to predict events. This future prediction seems to be significantly crucial for correct decision-making in health care organizations. Advanced analytic is the most valuable resource to different health care setups because it can evaluate some of the more common problems that traditional systems cannot do (Hanna et al., 2021). For instance, when are patients or their families most likely to exhaust during patient’s procedures? What type of new value propositions could be suitable from the business perspective? 
No doubt, in the modern era, every health care organization needs long-term endeavors for improving quality and performance. Like other fields, health care analytics has upgraded, and it is divided into several components such as statistical, visualization, data profiling, etc. Data visualization presents data in a graphical format that makes data analysis more understandable and accessible across organizations. As an administrator, I would use this application to generate revenue by introducing new services in my department. For this purpose, we would need an apparent collaboration with the data analytics department. The data analytics specialist will use our present data and predict our future services revenue through a graphical format that would be helpful to present in front of higher management.
Furthermore, population health management is one of the essential applications of health care analytics. Because health care organizations do not have only aim to improve the internal services but also have the fundamental responsibility to prevent the communities from infections. It could be possible through extensive data management of specific diseases and infections. For example, after COVID-19, most healthcare organizations implemented advanced data analytics systems to prevent communicable diseases in society. Similarly, clinical decision support is another tool of health care analytics. In other words, the analytics system plays a vital role in organizations’ decision-making. Previously, incorrect data was a significant barrier for health care to make correct decisions because due to doubtful statistics, the direction was unclear.
Finally, as an administrator, it is necessary to properly implement a health care analytical system. We should hire specialist persons who can run this system. Moreover, we should introduce an advanced analytics system where technical persons make other employees trained to access this system easy to better services and health status.
Advanced and predictive analytics surrounds the idea of identifying many different approaches and techniques to implementing an appropriate prediction model for health care organizations. Data mining which is similar to predictive analytics has a strong predictive component. They are similar because they both entail sophisticated mathematical and statistical approaches necessary to analyze large sums of data. Data mining is able to take large data volumes and turn it into useful patterns that show relationships to the data. As an administrator, I would use data mining to make a large set of data that does not have an identifiable trend, show a useful trend that would have a positive impact on healthcare. An example would be looking at how the average weight of patients over time has changed and correlating that to certain diseases to see if there is a noticeable trend. 
Clinical decision support is the process of providing evidence to support decision-making by clinicians. This looks like providing real-time information and insight and predicting likely patient outcomes. Fraud prevention is another application of advanced analytics that uses algorithms to find patterns in past data that are identifiable as fraudulent behavior. This flags the suspicious activity before any financial burdens (Strome, p. 186, 2013). In order to make a healthcare organization an analytical healthcare organization, it is valuable to choose and implement an appropriate model, evaluate the model’s performance, and then finally deploy the solution. From doing this the organization gains insight on how to be a better performing organization with quality improvement at the forefront of the initiative.

Over the past 40 years, union membership  has declined, and it continues to do s

Over the past 40 years, union membership  has declined, and it continues to do so. Instead, many companies are  turning to alternative dispute resolution. We know one of the best union  avoidance tactics is good communication and providing job satisfaction  for employees.  Create a PowerPoint presentation  (with speaker notes) that focuses on unions in the workplace. Address  the following concepts in your presentation.  
Identify the factors that have contributed to the reduction  in union membership. Be sure to include the rationale you use in your  speaker notes. 
Evaluate whether or not the reduction in union membership is  a good or bad thing for employees in the United States. Be sure to  include the rationale you use in your speaker notes. 
Explain what alternative dispute resolution involves, and  identify the pros and cons from the perspective of the employee and the  pros and cons from the perspective of the employer. Remember, you want  to include the bulk of your explanation in the speaker notes, not on the  slide. 
Describe a situation where employees or managers would want  to use some form of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or  arbitration as opposed to direct negotiation or litigation to resolve  disputes. Be sure to include the rationale you use in your speaker  notes. 
Explain how each of the seven determinants of job  satisfaction (individual personality, the work itself, compensation,  growth and upward mobility, coworkers, management, and communication)  help to create the type of environment where employees experience job  satisfaction. Remember, you want to include the bulk of your explanation  in the speaker notes, not on the slide. 
Be sure to include an introduction  and conclusion to your presentation. Include at least two images or  graphics in your presentation.  Your PowerPoint presentation must  be at least eight slides in length, not counting the title or reference  slides. Adhere to APA style when constructing this assignment, including  in-text citations and references for all sources that are used.  

Module 12: Critical Thinking The Change Management Process (130 points)  Through

Module 12: Critical Thinking
The Change Management Process (130 points) 
Throughout the years, specifically since the implementation of Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has experienced many changes. For this assignment, select an organization, which you have not written about (thus far) in MGT521, and address the following:
Provide information about the organization’s      mission, vision, values, and industry. 
Provide details about how the organization has      made changes based upon the pillars of Saudi Vision 2030.
Explain what additional changes the      organization must make to further align with the goals and objectives set      forth by Saudi Vision 2030.
Explain what changes the organization must      make to align with the needs/changes in the external environment. 
Based upon the changes noted, as related to      Saudi Vision 2030 and environmental changes, explain which tools for      action planning, explored in Table 9.3, you would utilize to effectively      carry out the change.
Explain the critical role of communication      during the time of the change and how you would effectively communicate      the change to all organizational stakeholders.
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:
Be 6-8 pages in length, which does not include      the title and reference pages, which are never a part of the content      minimum requirements. 
Use Saudi Electronic University academic      writing standards and APA style guidelines.
Support your submission with course material      concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least four      scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.
It is strongly encouraged that you submit all      assignments into the Turnitin Originality Check prior to submitting it to      your instructor for grading. If you are unsure how to submit an assignment      into the Originality Check tool, review the Turnitin Originality      Check – Student Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Professional Capstone And Practicum Reflective Journal Students are required to

Professional Capstone And Practicum Reflective Journal
Students are required to submit weekly reflective narratives throughout the course that will culminate in a final, course-long reflective journal due in Topic 10. The narratives help students integrate leadership and inquiry into current practice.
This reflection journal also allows students to outline what they have discovered about their professional practice, personal strengths and weaknesses, and additional resources that could be introduced in a given situation to influence optimal outcomes. Each week students should also explain how they met a course competency or course objective(s).
In each week’s entry, students should reflect on the personal knowledge and skills gained throughout the course. Journal entries should address one or more of the areas stated below.  In the Topic 10 graded submission, each of the areas below should be addressed as part of the summary submission.
New practice approaches
Interprofessional collaboration
Health care delivery and clinical systems
Ethical considerations in health care
Practices of culturally sensitive care
Ensuring the integrity of human dignity in the care of all patients
Population health concerns
The role of technology in improving health care outcomes
Health policy
Leadership and economic models
Health disparities
While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

Question Question 1 Match the vitamin to its characteristic. Question 1 options:

Question 1
Match the vitamin to its characteristic.
Question 1 options:
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Vitamin B6
Vitamin E
Vitamin A
1. excessive intake can lead to a burning or flushed feeling
2. high intake in pregnancy can result in birth defects; deficiency can result in night-blindness
3. this nonessential nutrient can be synthesized in the liver in response to sun exposure
4. deficiency leads to beriberi; this is a water-soluble vitamin
5. a known antioxidant; deficiency leads to scurvy
6. a precursor for coenzymes and commonly found in milk (it degrades in ultraviolet light, which is why opaque containers are used for milk)
7. plays a major role in protein metabolism, helps maintain nervous system function
8. vegetarians and vegans may have difficulty getting this nutrient in their diet since it is found primarily in animal sources
9. a known antioxidant; also known as tocopherols