This is both a creative project and a rigorous, critical writing assignment— key

This is both a creative project and a rigorous, critical writing assignment— key issues, themes and music discussed this class
I need to tell a story about the music of Los Angeles and construct an argument based on the theme of place, music and identity. I have attached some readings below to construct an argument.
I need this paper to be centered around Los Angeles music, and how
1. How music and identity and place relate (use article Music and Identity by Frith)
2. this article: relates to place and music and identity , this article will also help:
3. What the riot nights on sunset strip (in the files) says about music and place and how it had an impact
You don’t need to write about songs and analyze them, but incase you want to reference them, the main songs I am using is:
1. buffalo springfield’s “for what its worth”
2. Our house
3. “Los Angeles, im yours”

Link for the concert;-

Link for the concert;-
your assignment is to watch the videos of jazz concerts linked below, and then write a report about what you saw and heard.  This report should be a minimum of 500 words long and should include the following:
1.  a description of the band (the types of instruments/singers)
2.  descriptions of the music—This is the most important part!
Pay attention to the music, and take note of things that you find interesting.  You can organize your paper in any way that you’d like, but here are some ideas for things that you could include. 
-Describe the overall style–is it similar in any way to any of the styles we have studied or any other music that you have heard?
-Point out any musical techniques that you recognize from our discussions in class (improvisation, blues-like melodies, syncopation, call and response, etc.)
-Describe one of the pieces that was played: who played the melody, who played improvised solos., and how did the piece end?
-Point out any aspects of the performance that you either liked or didn’t particularly like.  Was there anything that you found surprising or unusual?

Instructions: Write a four-page paper (double spaced), in Chicago/Turabian style

Instructions: Write a four-page paper (double spaced), in Chicago/Turabian style, focusing on one song related to a topic, region, genre, era, aesthetic, or artist we addressed in this class. Draw on at least eight sources from at least four different types of research materials (i.e., academic journals, trade magazines, textbooks, biographies, videos, audio recordings, blogs, etc.). The completed paper is due December 2. (150 points). (Basic Chicago/Turabian guidelines can be found here:
** Read attachment for research proposal .. how did Elvis change people mindset in the 60’s, how did the society accept that? listen to heartbreak hotel and give a background about Elvis and this song. background is important
please read styling sheet very very important.

students are to attend or view a virtual program of World music and submit a con

students are to attend or view a virtual program of World music and submit a concert report that details their experience. Concert reports are to be 2-3 pages in length, double space, size 12 font, and must be accompanied by proof of attendance for the concert in the form of a screen shot, ticket stub, program, etc. Students are permitted to submit 1 concert report. Reports are to be submitted on Canvas and should address the following
Who is/are the performer(s)?
What is the texture of the music?
What is its phonic structure?
What was performed?
What genre did the performance fit into?
Make connections between what is happening during the performance to topics we discussed in class (i.e., what is the cultural context of the performance? Is it a ritual, or for entertainment? What sorts of musical, social, or cultural dynamics play out during the performance? Etc.)
Your opinion of the program (Did you like it? Did you not like it? Why or why not?)