Hi, I’ve attached a ppt with protocol of lab along with procedures. There is an

Hi, I’ve attached a ppt with protocol of lab along with procedures. There is an excel sheet that was made for easier calculation, I’ve inputted the numbers. My paper will be run through plagiarism checker so please no plagiarism, thank you so much! 🙂
Title page (cover page with your name and date as well as the title of the experiment)
Abstract (on next page, usually 100-200 words; a brief description of the significance, your experiment, your results, and major conclusions).
Introduction (usually 1-2 pages; should contain background information and significance with numerous references.  The basis of the project and the major conclusion may also be included). Please write it in your own words and do not make it a compilation of quotes.
Experimental procedures: (length varies;should describe what you did in detail so that somebody else could repeat the experiment based on what you wrote.  Write in past tense and do not use “I” or “we”. Also write in paragraph form.
Results (length varies;present your results, which are often shown as graphs and tables. Example calculations and errors are required to be shown andexplained).  If necessary, use somebody else’s results but show your results first and make it very clear that your results are not being used.
Discussion: (usually 1-2 pages; you should discuss your findings and compare your results with your classmate’s results, if applicable, and the expected result (sometimes can be found on web), address any differences.  You can discuss the theory that supports your results or is against your conclusion. Finally, you can suggest possible improvements and present your major conclusion.)
References: References cited: include any references you have cited as follows:Samul, R. and Leng, F. (2007) J. Mol. Biol. 374, 925-935.  Try not to use too many internet references.