Background Conferences and conventions are hotspots for making connections. Prof

Conferences and conventions are hotspots for making connections. Professionals in attendance often share the same interests and can make valuable business and personal connections with one another. At the same time, these events draw a large crowd and it’s often hard to make these connections in the midst of all of these events’ excitement and energy. To help attendees make connections, we are building the infrastructure for a service that can inform attendees if they have attended the same booths and presentations at an event.
The Task
You work for a company that is building an app that uses location data from mobile devices. Your company has built a Proof of concept (POC) application to ingest location data named UdaConnect. This POC was built with the core functionality of ingesting location and identifying individuals who have shared close geographic proximity.
Management loved the POC, so now that there is buy-in, we want to enhance this application. You have been tasked to enhance the POC application into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to handle the large volume of location data that will be ingested.
To do so, you will refactor this application into a microservice architecture using message passing techniques that you have learned in this course.
Starter Code
You can get started by forking, cloning, or downloading the starter code
Link to starter code: