Please choose ONE method from below, and only write based on the chosen method.

Please choose ONE method from below, and only write based on the chosen method. Do not write every method.
You are to pick one qualitative method:
 Ethnography
 PhotoVoice
 Focus Groups
 Community Mapping
 Creative Art-Based elicitation (theatre, poetry, body mapping, storytelling etc)
Part 1 :
Using at least two methods (or how-to) articles/book chapters. You are to focus on research articles. You are expected to write a 500-600 word summary of the key aspects of the method including strengths, limitations, potential challenges with applying the method. Citations are expected. I would suggest you look for articles in journals such as International Qualitative Research Methods or Forum: Qualitative Social Research or qualitative methods textbooks. This summary will help you with part 2.
Part 2 :
You are expected to analyze 16 research articles, specifically paying attention to how the method you chose for part 1 was applied. You should be applying the information described in part 1 when you evaluate research articles. If you do not have a summary in part 1, you are not as likely to do well on part 2.
Your analysis should be approximately 1 page per paper.
Each paper analyzed should start on a new page.
Ensure that you give the full citation information at the top of the page and include all the key-words. This information can be single spaced. The analysis is to be double spaced. You are not expected to have citations within your article analysis UNLESS you use a direct quote. It is recommended you summarize the materials rather than quote materials from within the papers.
You are expected to summarize the article in 1-2 paragraphs. Ensure that you clearly address how this article pertains to health and what the objectives of the research being presented were. Following the summary, you are then expected to analyze how the method was applied within the study.
Ensure you consider and comment on the following points with your response:
 How was data collection completed (think about recruitment, retention, selection etc)? Make sure to note if ethics was needed, how consent was achieved and if the authors note that they received ethics approval
 Was the method as applied appropriate to collect sufficient data to answer their questions/objectives?
 How were the results analyzed? Was this analysis and the findings (conclusions made about what the
research results mean) justified? Why/why not?
 What were the strengths/challenges of this method for being able to answer the research objectives?
 If other methods were used, discuss how these complimented or took away from the application of the
method you are reviewing.
 Do you think that this was the best method to use to collect data to answer the research questions?
Why/Why not/what else could they have done?
NOTE: Opinion, reviews, and commentaries are not acceptable articles to include. Articles that do not use, as a primary approach, the method you selected for part 1 will not be marked.