Final Paper (25%) and Abstract:Your final should be carefully crafted, well writ

Final Paper (25%) and Abstract:Your final should be carefully crafted, well written, concise and specific, evidencing careful thinking, editing, and revision, and demonstrating your critical thinking and writing skills, as well as your understanding of contemporary forms of communication.  If you do not complete the final paper, you will fail the course. FINAL PAPER OVERVIEWThe purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding video games through an analysis some aspect of gaming culture. To do this, you will write a 3000-word paper (approximately ten pages, not including title page and references) that uses a combination of concepts from the course to analyze a game, genre, gaming community, or platform.  Ideally, you should analyze an aspect of video games that interests you and is a suitable object of study.  To do this successfully, you will need to make video games “strange.”  That is to say, your analysis should work to remove gaming from the ordinary and everyday context in which we encounter and experience it in order to make visible what is unnoticed or taken for granted.  Things to keep in mind:
•Choose an object to study that narrows your discussion.  For example, analyze one game or franchise, not a whole genre.
•Construct your discussion using an outline that has a clear introduction with a thesis (pages 1-2), three to four supporting examples (pages 3-9), and ends with a conclusion that summarizes your main points (pages 10-11).
•This is a research paper. This means you need to do research throughout the semester to assemble a base of knowledge from which to cite relevant scholarship and histories in your analysis.•Your papers should also attend to the norms of college-level writing (e.g., typed, double-spaced, single-sided, 12pt Times New Roman font, and so on).
lecture slides are available  to send to writers of my choice abstract is due October 19.
The abstracts for your final papers are due October 19. Your abstracts should be 150-250 words in length, well written, carefully crafted, and help to open a formal dialogue about your final paper.  I will review your abstracts and give you feedback on your project.  If you fail to turn in an abstract, this indicates to me that you are very confident in the scope and aim of your project and do not require feedback.  In general, your abstracts should do the following:•Identify what you will be studying (e.g., a particular game, a type of controller, a gaming community, etc.) •Explain its significance to gaming and video game research (e.g., is it something new or unstudied?) •Describe how you will study it (e.g., will you analyze its design or narrative?)•State your paper’s argument (e.g., what point are you trying to make?)