Assignment 3.2: Finding YOUR Fit: MY 360˚ Outlook Reflection Assignment Ove

Assignment 3.2: Finding YOUR Fit: MY 360˚ Outlook Reflection
Assignment Overview:
According to John Maxwell, reflection turns experience into insight. This first reflection assignment provides you with a “Four Shape Reflection Framework” to guide you through your reflective writing. As we discuss critical and often controversial or debatable issues related to public health, it is important to reflect on your own attitudes, beliefs and values. Reflection provides you with a pathway to becoming a more aware and astute professional, as well as contributes to the development of self-actualization. As you reflect, you will begin to realize perspectives and attitudes that fuel the biases and prejudices that may directly impact the evolvement or progression of discriminating societal behaviors that contribute to the health, and other disparities we see in today’s society.
The reflection exercises in this course and in the BSPH program, will help you to associate course learning materials and activities with experiences in everyday life that could be perceived and experienced differently by each of us. Reflective exercises should generate critical thinking, provoke introspection and help you to integrate theory, practice, research and the determinants of health into your daily thinking and action motif.
Be sure to review the attached grading rubric so that you are aware of how the assignment will be graded. In this reflective assignment, you should write from both your “head” and “heart.” However, do be aware of the importance of writing with complete sentences so that your reader can gain a full understanding of your meaning. This is not an academic paper, but you are expected to use correct sentence structure, punctuation, grammar and spelling in this exercise.
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(Links to an external site.)
Assignment Instructions:
To get started, review the Finding YOUR Fit content in Module Three. As you think about how you will motivate yourself moving forward in your undergraduate career to stick to your time management plan and to set measurable goals for yourself, this assignment will help you to clarify where you are and articulate your thoughts on how you plan to get to your “next steps,” whether those include finding a public health or healthcare-related job so that you may gain practice-based experience during your undergraduate years, setting goals for volunteer activities along the way, or both!
Download the attached Finding YOUR Fit: MY 360˚ Outlook Reflection document and save to your computer as an MSWord document format only.
Follow the prompts below to complete your assignment. These prompts are listed on the attached assignment template below. Write one paragraph for each shape/group of prompts. (Minimum of five sentences per prompt)
Triangle: three takeaways. These ‘lessons learned’ can refer to the three main takeaways from the Finding YOUR Fit content in Module Three. For example, you might use language such as: “I learned this” “I liked this” “I didn’t like this”
Square: four thoughts from the Finding YOUR Fit content in Module Three that square with your beliefs, attitudes, and values. For example, you might use language such as: “I believe in the value of self-awareness because…”
Circle: what questions are still circulating in my mind that I am going to look into to learn more about? For example you might use language such as: “It had never occurred to me to look at my personal development from a 360˚ as I did not realize the importance of…”
Arrow: What will you do as a result of the reflection and review you experienced through this class activity? Moving forward, will you change your attitudes or beliefs? What THREE GOALS will you set for yourself that will help you move forward (i.e., improve your health, improve your time management, build your resume’, etc.) as a result of this learning experience? How has this learning content and assignment impacted you? If so, how? If not, why not?
Submission Instructions:
Upon completion, upload to Canvas as an MSWord document only.
Assignment Due Date: Sunday of Module Three by 11:59 p.m. CST.
Assignment 3.2_FYF_360 degree reflection_Four Shapes Reflection Assignment Template (1).docx

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