Your task is to write a three-four-page research paper on your chosen social jus

Your task is to write a three-four-page research paper on your chosen social justice organization. Your research paper must include the information outlined below. The research paper will be completed in MLA format. PLAGARISM will result in the mark of zero!!! The research paper is 15% of your final mark.
Once you have chosen your social justice organization you will research the following information (5 W’s)
History/Background of the organization (When, Where)
What is the social justice issue that the organization stands up against? (Why)
What is the current situation?
Who is the organization helping? (Who is being affected)?
What current measures is being taken to produce change? (How)
Choose ONE of the philosophers looked at in unit 1 and answer the following questions. (Kant, Aristotle, Levinas)
How would the philosopher respond to the social justice issue your organization addresses? Explain in detail. Make specific reference to their theories in connection with your organization.
3. Choose one of the expectations of the Ontario Catholic school Graduate (above). How does your organization meet one of the graduate expectations through its work? Explain.
4. Choose one of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching. How is this principle addressed by your organization? Use specific examples to connect the work of your organization to your chosen principle.
Research notes: Begin compiling information through research. You must use a minimum of 3-5 different sources.
A proper Works Cited is required in MLA format. There is a mark in the rubric for correct citation. A
refresher on MLA format will be provided if necessary.

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