your company > “Caterpillar” see You will be evaluated on the c

your company > “Caterpillar” see
You will be evaluated on the content of information and grammar in your business report.
Typewritten report requirements:
Prepare a typewritten report on your assigned company (Your Assigned Company)
Your report will be 8-10 pages.
Create cover page that includes your name
Create a table of contents page
Use 12 point font (times new roman, double spaced)
Include one current news release on your company (no more than 4 months old) this will be simply a URL or web address of the article but, you will need to summarize the article in your own words. The summary and link/url will be placed at the end of your report
Include a photo of the CEO in your report (at the end of report).
Components of the research paper:
Mission Statement
Brief History of the company
Name of CEO
Discuss services/product of the company
SWOT Analysis of your company
State number of domestic employees and address of corporate offices
3 Years of company gross revenues
Competitors (1 or 2) and their current gross revenues
SWOT Analysis of 1 competitor

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