you will write a TWO PAGE, DOUBLE SPACED JOURNAL entry in lieu of a quiz. You wi

you will write a TWO PAGE, DOUBLE SPACED JOURNAL entry in lieu of a quiz. You will turn it in to me via email at the beginning of class or before class starts.
How to write a journal: Here is the information that is in your syllabus about writing a journal entry–
While you read, engage with the text by taking notes about the novel, or by writing in the margins. Ask questions. Circle key ideas. Write a list of repeated ideas in the back of the book. Look up words you don’t know and write the definition in the margin. Ask why the character is behaving in a certain way. Look for moments that might be foreshadowing upcoming events. Develop a system of reading emogis to mark how the book makes you feel. Think of reading as a conversation between you and the book/author .
Things you might include:
¨ Specific quotations that are meaningful to you
¨ Patterns/issues/themes/relationships you see in the text
¨ First impressions and final thoughts—Before I started the book I thought…Now that I have read the book, I think… The author did or did not change my thinking because…
¨ Connect to other novels/other experiences/other themes
¨ Consider why you think the character behaved in a specific way; is the character plausible?
¨ Hypothesize why the author wrote the book, relative to biographical information you research
¨ Think about why is this taught to/read by teens
¨ Have you read this before? If so, does it read the same now?
¨ What did you learn from reading the text?
¨ If you could change or rewrite a part, what would it be and why?
¨ If you were going to convince someone else of the value of reading this book, what would you say?
¨ Read some criticism and respond. Enter into an argument with the critics. Go for it.
At the end of your journal, practice creating a correct citation by creating a Works Cited for the book Night. Then I can see if you are doing it correctly or help you fix it up before you do your final paper.
I am having you write the journal to give you practice using MLA format for citing sources correctly before you write your final paper.
You have a helpful guide for how to cite most types of sources in your syllabus. Basically though, whenever you write a book title, it should be in italics. And in MLA, we always talk about a book in present tense, since the book still exists…so if you were talking about an event from the book Night, you would say that Elie is upset because…or when his father dies, Elie….When you quote from the text, you will put quotation marks around the quoted material and the after the end quotation marks you will put the page number in parentheses, followed by a period. [“quoted material” (65).] If you have not mentioned the author of the quoted material prior to the quote, then you will include the author’s last name inside the parentheses as well. [“quote” ( Wiesel 65).}
I will attach an example of a good journal entry below, for you to look at. Let me know if you have any questions. We will go over this in class today as well.

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