You may utilize graphs, tables, concept maps, illustrations to build your Cultur

You may utilize graphs, tables, concept maps, illustrations to build your Culturally Competent Education Guide. (Use Creativity throughout the Guide, you may use different colors with your graphs, tables, concept maps and illustrations)
You want to create the Educational Guide so that you may use it in current practice.
You must include 5 different cultures throughout the educational guide.
Use the following criteria to develop your Culturally Competent Education Guide:
Use the latest APA format (Include title page, reference page, NO Abstract) Remember to use headings throughout the paper.
Paper grading rubric to guide this assignment.
Two peer reviewed articles (You should have a total of 6 peer- reviewed references for the entire education guide)
For this assignment, create a 2-page paper using the criteria below.
Part 1: Choose your theoretical framework. (Discuss your theoretical framework in one page, you may choose one of the theoretical frameworks that you have already reviewed in your discussion last week).
Discuss culturally competent nursing care throughout the health history and physical exam in one page.
Please be sure to select a specific culture (i.e. Hispanic, Jewish, Arabic, etc…) for this portion of your guide.
Transcultural Book is included – Chapter 1 will have transcultural concepts.
Use only ONE theoretical framework.

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