You have to write for every job a 1 or 2 paragraph mini-essay around 1325 charac

You have to write for every job a 1 or 2 paragraph mini-essay around 1325 characters with space for why this activity was meaningful for me in my medical career, like what I achieved during those experiences or you can write any situation (you can create it by yourself) that made the certain experience meaningful for me. I attached the file with my jobs and their description of my responsibilities. And, a website with information of what makes the experience meaningful. No introduction, straight into an essay with 2 short paragraphs.
For the first one, you can write that it was my first medical practice in medical school where I realized that I get to enjoy taking care of patients and something like this and that medicine is my path.
For the second one, you can write that I learned how to follow up with the same patients, and some orthodontic treatment, and that is why I chose to go to residency for orthodontics.
For the third one, you can write that it was a unique experience for me as I needed to make more people aware of the importance of blood drives.
The last one is the most meaningful for me because this is wanted I want to do in the future, to be a gynecologist especially reproductive. How I loved to follow pregnant women. And there was one situation where one woman faced infertility problems and she came pregnant to the office after a year of being sent for the IVF procedure. How it was crucial for me to listen to her story as it was related to me and helped me realized that it is wanting to be and make people feel the happiness of becoming a parent.

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