Write an epilogue to The Circle in which Mae reflects on the decade that has pas

Write an epilogue to The Circle in which Mae reflects on the decade that has passed since the final scene of the book. Your epilogue should describe how the world has changed in the ten years since she sat at Annie’s bedside. Your job is to imagine what happened to the Circle and its influence in everyday life and then to describe it from Mae’s perspective.
Your epilogue should begin with the following sentences and build from there (i.e. start your own writing by completing the final sentence):
Mae couldn’t believe that it had already been a decade since Annie slipped into a coma. So much had happened in the intervening years, she knew, but it also felt like the blink of an eye. Time was strange like that. One minute you are sitting at your friend’s bedside and the next…
You get to decide what happens next. Some things you might want to consider as you write your epilogue (these are just ideas–no need to answer these questions directly). What has happened to the Circle in those ten years? Did the world embrace technologies like SoulSearch and PastPerfect–if so, how did they change cultural norms? Was Demoxie adopted as a U.S. voting platform and, if so, what impact did it have on governance structure? What has happened to Mae? Did she remain transparent? Did she become one of the company’s managers? Or did she leave the company altogether and go entirely off grid? What is her relationship with her parents like now? What happened with the Three Wise Men (are they still in charge of the Circle? Are they in jail?). What regulatory questions did the Circle have to address over the past decade? How have those conversations changed everyday life in the U.S.? What happened to Annie? To Francis? To Alastair (is he living in Portugal now, for example)?
Requirements for this Assignment:
Your epilogue must be written from Mae’s perspective (i.e. a third person narrative from her point of view–the same style and perspective that Dave Eggers used in The Circle).
Your epilogue must begin with the sentences provided above and then go on to describe what has happened in the ten years since the last scene of the book.

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