Week 8 Discussion This week, you will continue to make progress on the week 9 as

Week 8 Discussion
This week, you will continue to make progress on the week 9 assignment. This is a continuation of the week 6 discussion. If you have not completed the week 6 discussion, please complete that discussion first, and then complete the week 8 discussion. For the week 9 assignment, you will be creating a presentation that is based on the information provided in the conference application template.
To successfully complete your discussion post, include the following:
Choose an audience (outside of the field of mathematics) based on your topic that could benefit from the information you will present. For example, this could be your local city council member, staff or administrators of a school, or employees at a company.
Analyze the data in the article to determine the best visual (graph or chart) to tell the story to your audience.
Create one visualization (line graph, pie chart, bar graph, area graph, or scatter plot) of the data appropriate for the conference audience and embed the graph or chart in your discussion response. An explanation of each type of graph or chart can be found in the week 6 learn section in Blackboard. NOTE: If the article already contains a visual, you must create a different type of graph or chart.
Explain how the audience can benefit from the data.
Recommend your identified solutions using language appropriate for the audience.
Please be sure to include the URL to your article in your post.
StatChat Charts and Graphs -Tips for Week 9 Assignment (kaltura.com)
StatChat – Excel Graphs & Charts (kaltura.com)

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