Week 2 Part I (150 words) Instructions This week’s topic addresses the main fact

Week 2
Part I (150 words) Instructions
This week’s topic addresses the main factors involved in influencing the effective management of change while reducing the impact of change hindrance factors.
For the discussion, address:
• What is one example you can share of implementing change management principles in your own daily experiences? Compare and contrast your behaviors that either influenced or hindered your implementation of this change.
• Now compare this to a work change implemented by your organization. How did the organization leverage the situation, how were change support factors leveraged and hindrance factors (including employee resistance) addressed, and what were the bottom-line organizational results? If we only ask this question: delete first sentence and replace with “Consider a work change that has been implemented by your organization.” Also, if we only ask this question we could add this follow-up: “Based upon this situation, what is one additional question you would pose to classmates on the issue, to spark additional thinking and discussion?”
Part II (725)
Based on this week’s readings, address the following questions with an integrated and robust analysis.
Consider an organizational change implemented by a current or prior employer:
• What business need led to the change? How do this week’s readings reinforce the business case for change in this situation?
• How was the change communicated to members of the organization?
• How did employees respond to the change, both initially and upon implementation?
• In hindsight, do you believe the change was effectively implemented?
o Did it improve the organization?
o What recommendations do you have for further improvement?

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