W8 Assignment: Persuasive Essay Final Draft This assignment calls for you to rev

W8 Assignment: Persuasive Essay Final Draft
This assignment calls for you to revise your Persuasive Essay from week six into a final draft. All good writers revise their work, often multiple times. Revising isn’t just looking for grammatical errors; editing alone is not revision (though we do want you to edit too). Revision literally means to “see again.” In the revision process, you improve your analytical skills, sometimes challenging your own ideas which can serve to deepen your argument.
Review the feedback your instructor provided on your rough draft as well as the information from the peer review in week seven. As you begin revising your paper, be sure to consider the following:
Did I fulfill the assignment criteria?
Did I say what I intended to say?
Do I have a two-sided topic?
Is my thesis persuasive in nature?
Do all my paragraphs serve to support my thesis?
Is my argument convincing, my support logical, my evidence sufficient?
Does my conclusion sum up the essay?
The final draft of your essay should contain the same basic features as the rough draft:
A well-defined issue that is controversial by nature
A clear thesis statement that demonstrates the position you will be taking throughout the essay
A counter argument with at least one credible source defending the opposing viewpoint
A refutation to or compromise with the counter argument
From 500 to 800 words in length, double-spaced, with one inch margins
Written primarily in third person
Edited for spelling, mechanical, grammatical, and typing errors
The most important criteria for your final draft is that it is revised version of the rough draft!
View your assignment rubric.
After you have completed your assignment, title your file(s) with: CourseID_LastNameW8Assignment (ex. EN101_SmithW8Assignment), attach them to this dropbox, and press Submit.

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