Visit the website of a major employer or a professional organization in your fie

Visit the website of a major employer or a professional organization in your field, and locate the code of conduct or ethical guidelines for the organization. Many of them will have something like a “Code of Conduct” page or something to that effect.
For clarity, these will often be external facing documents for clients or customers. These will be more internally facing documents for other practitioners in your field.
One good way to find these professional organizations is just by using a search engine and typing in “professional organizations in [insert your field here].” Then you can go to their website and look for their Ethical Guidelines. (My field is computer science)
Once you have located a Code of Conduct, then, write 300-500 words describing what is included in this document. Include the URL to the page, so your classmates can look at it as well. Here are some things to look for (try to find the answers to several of these questions):
What values are described and what do those values mean?
Which stakeholders are specifically mentioned (e.g., employees, customers, society, maybe even the environment)?
What behaviors or actions are prohibited? What behaviors or actions are promoted?
How does the employer or organization meet these values in their practices, or how do they not meet those values? (Since organizations can say that they exemplify values without actually enacting them).
In thinking back to the module text from this week, I would also like for you to think about: What is the audience’s responsibility to understand the information? What is the writer’s responsibility to make the information understandable? You can answer these questions about this specific code of conduct, or you can answer these questions more generally.
Please also cite the Code of Conduct in MLA. OWL Purdue has some great examples for how to cite online resources, so I suggest checking there.
Use a bullet pointed list in your answer like I have done above.

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