Visit the website from American Heart Association and offer additional examples

Visit the website from American Heart Association and offer additional examples of EBP (evidence based practice) or alternative views/interpretations to those shared in your colleagues’ posts.
Write 2 paragraphs and include 3 references in text APA 7th edition
Melissa Sanchez, -EBP
The American Heart Association is an organization that from its’ early beginning believed in the importance of scientific research . AHA believed that scientific research would lead the way to better treatment , prevention, and a cure (AHA , 2022). Evidence based practice is cited through out their website. I first came upon the mention of evidence based practice under their profession goal tab. It is stated there that when medical professionals apply recent evidence based treatment guidelines , improvement in patient outcomes is seen. Additionally, the American Heart Association has in hospital programs that can be implemented to not only improve patient outcomes but also provide quality care. These programs follow evidence based guidelines and provide the latest scientific research . Get with the Guidelines is the AHA quality improvement program that includes evidence based care/ guidelines for stroke, heart failure, resuscitation, CAD , and etc. In fact, numerous hospitals that have implemented these programs have achieved measurable patient outcome improvements (AHA,2022).
The American Heart Association is grounded in evidence based practice because it applies research findings into patient care practices and uses this research to guide appropriate clinical decision making. One of the reasons for implementing evidence based practice is to improve patient outcomes. Similarly, the Medical University of South Carolina decided to use EBP to promote scientific inquiry, EBP, and improve quality outcomes (Crabtree, 2018). Through education , development of evidence based clinical decision support tools and outcomes research, the hospital saw an increase in practice improvements and patient care (Crabtree, 2018). Both organizations embody what evidence based practice is by staying up to date with recent research, applying these findings , and evaluating their outcomes. The AHA programs provide relevant evidenced based guidelines and hospitals with a registry tool that serves as a interactive assessment and reporting system. This tool tracks and reports the hospitals performance at delivering guideline based treatments (AHA , 2022),
Overall , after reviewing all the information provided on the AHA website, my perception of their organization has only positively enhanced . They are not only a non profit organization but they also go through an intense approval process before their statements , guidelines , and research can be released and used for education . It is an organization that genuinely wants to make a difference in the world and provides the tools to target this progress . For example , their Mission lifeline program aims at keeping patients out of the hospital with preventative care . The goal is to bring together stake holders together in a collaborative manner to reduce mortality and morbidity for patients while also improving quality of care and patient outcomes (AHA, 2022). Preventative care starts with us as nurses and using EBP is standard.In fact , implementation of evidence based practice in care has lead to positive predictor of job satisfaction and better care (Chae , et. al, 2016).I will continue to follow EBP in my care and follow the guidelines provided by organizations such as the AHA.
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