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Explain the relationship between Social Responsibility and Profit in detail.
Is there any relationship between these two?
Why Yes
Why No
here Is the Introduction:
Social responsibility is an important aspect of every business which boosts the model of the employees working within the organization and also helps in greater productivity. It is very much important for the organization to add up the social responsibility which provides them with certain benefits like better recognition of the brand within the market, helps in building a positive reputation of the business, helps in improving the customer loyalty towards the organization, save the operational cost, helps in improving the financial performance of the organization, creator ability to attract new talents and returns employees within the organization, provides easier access to the capital, and most importantly it is directly related with the organizational growth (Sroka, & Szántó, 2018)
I Need Body section:
Key issue/problem
Decision, Criteria
Data Analysis
Alternatives, recommendations for action

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