Using the Infonet Library (under Resources), choose an empirical article from a

Using the Infonet Library (under Resources), choose an empirical article from a professional journal where the authors describe the purpose, method, and results of a scientific investigation. Some examples of relevant journals in developmental psychology are:
Aging and Cognition
Child Development
Death Studies
Developmental Psychology
Developmental Review
Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences
Human Development
Journal of Black Psychology
Journal of Marriage and the Family
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Journal of Youth and Adolescence
Merrill-Palmer Quarterly
Psychology and Aging
Research on Aging
Note that not all research articles are complicated reading. As a novice, it might help to browse through the journals until you come upon one that is of interest as well as readable.
Identify your article by including a full APA style reference of it at the top of your assignment.
Briefly summarize the research article using the headings most common to such empirical reports. These include the Introduction, which generally states a rationale for the investigation and the purpose of the study. The Introduction also reviews relevant research. Next is the Method section, which includes a description of the participants, instruments, and procedures. The Resultssection follows next, which addresses the significant findings of the study. Finally comes the Discussion, where the authors summarize the findings and future directions (see attached sample).
Note that in writing an abstract you do not want to reproduce or summarize the entire article. Rather, you want to provide the most significant information as concisely as possible in each of the aforementioned areas. Further, in some instances you might choose to replicate or incorporate part of the original text. In these cases you MUST put quotation marks around the words you are copying, followed by the page number in parentheses.
Type your one-page abstract (please see the attached sample professional journal review for reference).
Note: TurnItIn will be used to determine the degree of originality of your submission.
TurnItIn is the software used to detect plagiarism in written papers. Your paper will be assigned a “Similarity Index” based on the database. The lower your similarity score the greater is your originality. If you copy material from any source it will be cited in the report. Any submission receiving 75% or more similarity index may receive a “zero” for the assignment.

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