Using a combination of core class concepts/frameworks and outside sources, detai

Using a combination of core class concepts/frameworks and outside sources, detail and assess your chosen social movement or revolution (For this Research Paper the social movement is Black Lives Matter) The narrative of your paper should take a position on the movement or revolution under study and, in one way or another, address the following questions:
What was the context (the political and social forces, material conditions, etc.) under which your movement or revolution emerged? Was there a specific problem or tension that led to mobilization? Was your movement or revolution a continuation of a longer-standing struggle, or did it arise to address a new situation or threat specific to its time?
What are the central claims or demands of your chosen movement or revolution? What motivates them? Do they adhere to or espouse a particular ideological position or vision of society? To whom and/or against what were these claims or demands directed. On whose behalf?
Who were the principal actors, and what were the leading organizations, parties, governments, etc.?
What role did class or identity play, if any, in terms of what drove the movement or revolution, as well as its internal dynamics, composition, and potential conflicts?
What were some of the strategies and tactics used to galvanize support, articulate the movement or revolution’s claims and demands, and ultimately attempt to achieve victory?
How did the general public view your movement or revolution? What was the role of the press, if any?
Was violence and/or violent repression a factor, and if so, how was it used, and how was it justified?
Did your movement or revolution achieve some or all of its stated goals? Why or why not? What part did leadership play in its success and/or failures?
Ultimately, should your movement or revolution be considered successful? On what grounds?
If you can use the pdf article attached below as 1 of your sources and for the other 5 you are free to use any you think are relatable to the topic.

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